Life Changes and How They Affect Your Estate Plan

Myrtle Beach LawyerI am often asked by clients who have relocated to this area form another state: “Will my old will be adequate here, or do I need to revise it?” The rule in South Carolina is that if your will was properly drafted and enforceable in another jurisdiction, it will be honored and enforced in a South Carolina Probate Court, and there is no need to create a new will.

However, you may want to consider it. Many times when people relocate, it is because of a major life change necessitating a change to your estate plan. Perhaps you have come into wealth that changes your estate tax exposure, or your spouse or other heirs have passed away and you need to update beneficiaries. Maybe you have remarried and need to plan accordingly.

The rule of thumb in most cases is that your will should be reviewed by you and your attorney every ten (10) years or after nay major life change. It may be that your current will is sufficient to meet your goals; however, you should review your plan and goals with an experienced attorney to make sure your wishes and estate planning goals are being met.

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