Digital Inheritance Policies in the Social Media Age

Digital Inheritance Myrtle BeachI deal with inheritance issues nearly every day.  Whether it’s a client who wishes to draft a Last Will and Testament; someone who seek a Conservatorship or Guardianship over an ailing family member; a child selling the home of a deceased parent, inheritance issues occur in my practice all the time.  In this modern age of social media and the increased use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by the Baby Boomer generation, one has to ask, what happens to these individuals digital footprint after death.

While this may seem like a throw-away topic to some, it is becoming increasingly important as the Baby Boomers age and eventually pass away.  Leftover intellectual property and social media may include such items of financial importance like banking and credit information to more personal items such as correspondence, videos and photographs.

Thankfully, Facebook and other social media platforms have enacted policies that allow their users to specify who will inherit their information after they die; however, if these policies are not taken advantage of, it may take an attorney to force these platforms to turn over this digital (and often very personal) content.

If you are concerned about these types of issues, make sure to discuss them with your attorney when discussing you Will or in the event that you are administering a loved one’s estate, be sure to have your attorney contact the social media company to inform them that you want your loved one’s account information turned over to the proper representative.

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