Medicare Liens in Personal Injury Actions

Personal Injury lawyer Myrtle BeachMany people who are involved in an automobile accident have insurance provided by a federal entitlement program such as Medicare or Medicaid. What most do not realize is that even though their treatment is paid for through this entitlement program, the Federal Government may place a lien on any settlement or Jury verdict to be reimbursed for the cost advanced for their treatment.

This will often factor into a decision to settle a claim for a certain value, since the lien and attorney’s fees must be paid prior to the injured party receiving compensation from the settlement proceeds. In fact, if you are attempting to negotiate a settlement without representation, failure to recognize this lien may result in asset forfeiture in the event it is not paid.

Most of the time these liens may be negotiated down by an experienced attorney, and can even be reduced by more than half; allowing for a greater sum being disbursed to you as the injured party. Be sure to consult with an attorney is you have been injured in an automobile accident and receive benefits from Medicare or Medicaid.

The Law Office of Dennis J. DiSabato, Jr., LLC has settled many automobile cases and have successfully negotiated Medicare and Medicaid liens to help better compensate the inured party. If you’ve been injured please call us to today to help fight for your rights.

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