Preventing Motorcycle Accidents in Myrtle Beach (and Elsewhere)

Myrtle Beach motorcycle accidentAs the weather starts to warm up we will be seeing a lot more motorcycles on our roads and even though the spring bike rally is over, we will still be seeing a lot of bikes in the next few weeks.  There has been a significant rise in the number of people riding motorcycles, which increases your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident. It is every driver’s responsibility to do what they can to prevent an accident from happening – both vehicle drivers and motorcycle drivers.

Can You Prevent a Motorcycle Accident?

If you are a motorcycle rider the answer starts with being a responsible driver. Make sure that you wear the right safety equipment, and even though it is not required in Myrtle Beach, this includes a helmet. Avoid riding your motorcycle in adverse weather. We have had a lot of storms lately and in most cases waiting just an hour or so until the weather clears can mean the difference in arriving safe or having a motorcycle accident. Unless you are a very experienced driver, you should avoid busy roads such as 501 or Business 17. In most instances there are alternate routes that will keep you off these busy roads especially during the summer tourist season.  Always make sure that your motorcycle is in top operating condition.  Have a thorough inspection done on your bike at least twice each year and keep a record of the work that was performed.

It goes without saying that drinking and driving is not acceptable whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle.  Unfortunately, there are numerous reports of motorcycle accidents Myrtle Beach where alcohol was involved. A motorcycle driver needs to be especially alert as other drivers often have a difficult time seeing your bike and it has been proven that even the slightest amount of alcohol will impair your judgment.  Many vehicle drivers fail to realize there may be a motorcycle in their blind spot or directly behind the vehicle.  Make every effort to ensure that your motorcycle is seen with the proper headlights.

Because experienced motorcycle riders understand the rules of the road they are less likely to be involved in an accident.  However, even an experienced driver can be involved in a motorcycle accident if they let down their guard.  Always watch for any obstacles in the road that may be a threat to your bike.  If you are riding in a group, point out these objects to the riders behind you.

As a vehicle driver you need to be aware of any motorcycles that are attempting to pass you or may be behind you.  Motorcycles can easily be missed in the blind spots of your mirrors, so take the time to quickly glance over your shoulder before changing lanes or turning.  Whether you are in a vehicle or driving a motorcycle, always use your turn signals.  Motorcycle drivers will want to use hand signals in addition to their turn signals to ensure that all vehicles are aware of your intentions.

If you are behind a motorcycle you will want to keep a safe distance in case there is a need to stop suddenly.  What might be a “fender-bender” with two cars could lead to serious injury with a motorcycle.  Even a small tap to the rear end of a bike can cause the driver to lose control and cause an accident.  Always remember that a motorcycle is not nearly as protected as a vehicle that is enclosed.

Whether you have years of experience driving a motorcycle or just learned recently, a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident can occur at anytime. It is impossible to completely avoid accidents, but you can do your part to ensure you and your rider are as safe as possible.  Vehicle drivers need to remember they are sharing the road with motorcycles and pay keen attention to their surroundings.  By working together we can avoid accidents during the upcoming fall bike week.

If you are involved in a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident and you or a passenger were injured, it is a wise idea to check with an injury attorney before signing off on any insurance paperwork. Give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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