Should I Call a Real Estate Lawyer When Marketing My Home?

real estate attorneyNumerous individuals have asked, ‘Do I require a real estate attorney to list my Myrtle Beach residence for sale?’ The correct response is both simple as well as challenging. Every state, as well as counties within states, have varying laws and regulations. Most states will leave that choice to the buyer and even possibly the seller at their discretion. Other states will dictate that an attorney review all documents up to and including closing. Your regional real estate agency should have the capability to notify you with what the requirements remain in the area where you are buying. That is the basic service offered by most real estate brokers.

The even more complicated solution refers to what circumstance fits your scenario. Ask yourself these questions to figure out if you need to work with a real estate lawyer in Myrtle Beach.

Problems for sellers:

Are you selling a residential property that remains in some state of distress?

Are you the heir or manager of a house whose previous owner is deceased?

Are you marketing a residence involved in a divorce or partnership agreement with a non-cooperative partner?

Do you have that sixth sense that something could possibly stop working based upon a feeling you have regarding the house?

Do you have judgments or liens in your history?

If you answered yes to any one of the above concerns then dealing with a lawyer to aid you with the process would definitely be advantageous. If none of those situations apply to you, you are probably ok to wait until you are ready to go to closing to contact a real estate attorney.

In the state of South Carolina, a real estate attorney is required for closing on any property offered for sale. This includes residential property, rental homes and condos and commercial property. If you have any doubts about making an offer on a piece of property or if there may be problems with the sale of your property, then you should contact The Law Office of Dennis J. DiSabato, Jr. BEFORE signing any documents with a real estate agent. This could save you both time, money and stress in the long run.

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