Service Animals in Residential Lease Agreements

Myrtle Beach Real Estate LawyerIf you are a disabled individual and rent your home, you may have rights that are being infringed upon by your landlord. Service animals are NOT classified as pets and therefore, lease agreements that restrict your use of service animals may violate your civil rights.

First, land owners must make reasonable accommodations for the use of service animals. They must therefore make exceptions to any “no pets” policies or avoid blanket restrictions of certain types of animals or breeds. Landlords may NOT ask for a pet deposit or additional insurance if your animal is a service animal; however, you may be held liable for personal property damaged caused by your service animal.

Finally, if your landlord deems that your service animal is a threat or harm, it may only be removed if this threat is based on an individual assessment of your specific service animal and not based on a generalized fear of the type of animal or breed.

If you have a service animal and feel that your rights are being infringed upon by your landlord, please feel free to call us at (843) 903-1212.

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